If You Don’t Like The Olympics, You Might Be A Terrorist.

As I watch The Today Show this morning, I can’t help but get a little excited. Yes, it’s stupid, I know. But I LOVE the Olympics. Summer, winter–doesn’t matter. This hasn’t been a lifelong thing for me. This all happened four years ago at the last summer Olympics held in Beijing. I was 22, and I think you have to be a little older to really appreciate the value of the Olympics. Or it coulda been the fact that I was old enough to drink for those Olympics, thus, making them much more interesting and fun to watch. Either way, there’s something about watching these athletes that compels me like no other sporting event.

She's awesome, you know it.

Don’t they make you proud to be an American?

I don’t like watching sports on TV. There’s a disconnect that happens there. For me, anyway. The idea that these people get paid gajillions of dollars to–well, what amounts to throw balls around–doesn’t sit well with me. Yes, they are good at what they do. They can run, and catch, and swing bats, and whack balls and all that jazz. There are doctors in the world. They save people’s lives. And nurses. And truck drivers.They get paid fractions of what professional athletes get paid, and they make the world go ’round. Just sayin’.

Aaanywho, Olympians pour their heart and souls into representing their countries in a fight to the death tournament to see who is the best in the world. How can other sporting events compare to that? These guys practice for years just to get the chance- to get the chance- to get to the Olympics. I don’t understand how anyone could NOT watch. Even the most boring of the boring sports–like synchronized swimming–is awesome when it’s to decide which country can do it better.

During the previous winter Olympics, we got hugely into curling. Like, bordering on obsessed. I remember going to see my Dad, and saying, “You’re not watching CURLING? Turn that shit on, Dad!” And then we proceeded to get HIM in on the curling action…once we explained how those granite stones worked, and the object of the game–once you see the actual strategy and talent that goes into it–simply awesome.

Canada’s got this one–For Now…

My point is this–the Olympics rock. Whether or not your country wins, you feel a swell of emotion for these athletes. You see them standing on that podium and you can feel the pride, you can see the emotion and the hard work they’ve put in, and you know they deserve their moment of awesomeness. Well, that’s what I feel, anyway.

It never stops amazing me how many tears I have to hold back while watching the Olympics. They should plan them around my menstrual schedule more accordingly, so this doesn’t happen as much.


4 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like The Olympics, You Might Be A Terrorist.

    • I’ve been watching a lot of the trials, too. I seriously don’t know what it is..but I can’t get enough of ’em! gymnastics is definitely a fave, though…

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