Pregnancy Is Contagious

Every time I hang out with any of my friends that are pregnant, this feeling of impending doom washes over me. This last weekend, I was seemingly surrounded by pregnant chicks. Outnumbered, if you will. Then I remembered that I have two other friends, who were not present that are also pregnant. That’s FOUR FRIENDS, all of them an incubation chamber.  Something about pregnancy feels contagious. Then, i realized…that it IS. You can’t help but feel like you may be next…

Oh, yeah. It’s so much fun!

Pregnancy is absolutely contagious. If you already have a child, or children…you know how it works. You see all your friends being happy, and excited, and knocked up, and looking forward to the rest of their lives. With more kids. Even if you don’t have kids, you can’t tell me that hanging out with friends who DO have kids doesn’t make you think twice. You see that whole happiness and ‘circle of life’ thing happening, and you start thinking.

If you’re not thinking about having any children, just hang out with some pregnant friends. It never fails to make you think twice about your choice. No matter how concrete in your ideals you think you are, you will always find yourself second-guessing your choices after a nice day of good old-fashioned, wholesome fun with some knocked up counterparts.

You start thinking, ’19 is a good number.’

You recall all the heart-warming memories of being pregnant, and downplay all the awful things…like having to give birth naturally, or not sleeping for three months. Everything just feels like it’s covered in velour and soft and squishy and full of love.

And then everyone goes home. You sit there telling yourself, “Aw. I miss being pregnant. I miss that feeling of excitement and nervousness and anticipation that life is changing. I want another one”

Then, all at once, you snap out of it. “WTF is wrong with me?”

THIS, my friends, is how pregnancy is contagious. Women get this squishy feeling when they see another preggo, go home, watch “Look Who’s Talking’, and mount their men. All in efforts to have another one. Just because they got this crazy idea from other pregnant chicks. It’s brainwashing, I tell ya. Pure brainwashing.

So, in conclusion, I will restate that–yes– pregnancy IS contagious.



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