Last Night I Had A Dream

You can learn a lot about things from your dreams. Some people think that’s not true, but I know otherwise.

I dream a lot. And I remember them a lot.

Sometimes I travel roads and highways–they are always familiar. I travel the same roads and highways in my dreams so often, that I could draw you a map, and maybe you could find them in your dreams, too.

I vacation, I hike, I travel, I meander, all in my dreams.

I panic, relax, find peace, and solve problems…all in my dreams.

I feel guilty, lighter than air, overwhelmed, and devastated…all in my dreams.

I’ve been held captive, and set free… all in my dreams.

I remember dreams I had years ago…still as vivid and awkward as they were when I first woke up from them.

They say people who were raised with black and white TV dream in black and white.

They say it’s impossible to read in a dream. It isn’t.

I don’t completely believe in lucid dreaming. I believe something happens when you go to sleep that allows you to have some control, but not all. There is no such thing as control.

Our eyes see in three dimensions.

Scientists have discovered that there are, in fact at least eleven dimensions.

I believe sleep and the things we see and experience while sleeping can be extremely helpful to waking life. Think about it–when you’re sleeping, you’re concentrating. On sleep. On yourself. On Calm. Without your eyes. All day long, our eyes interfere with what our brain is sending us. Because our eyes can only see in three dimensions. Our eyes cannot feel.

I believe our brains can sense and feel the other dimensions. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyance, being in the ‘right place at the right time’ or the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’–it’s all relevant. It’s all connected. Somehow. It has to be, right?

Out of all involuntary human behaviors and actions, sleep and dreaming has been the least-studied, least-explained phenomenon. Why?

Because it’s different for everyone. But the emotions are the same. Deciphering your dreams is not concentrating on the things in your dreams, but the feelings those things give you…

Enjoy your journey. And be aware. Take from it what you can.

You can learn a lot about things from your dreams. Some people think that’s not true, but I know otherwise.


5 thoughts on “Last Night I Had A Dream

  1. Very Insightful! Thank you! I too dream A LOT. I believe in the concept of Lucid Dreaming in that I am AWARE that I am dreaming but your right about the control issue. I can control what I do in my dreams but I can’t often control what others do or where they take place.Throughout my life I’ve had problems sleeping and would even go days on end without sleep because I had uncontrollable night terrors and very disturbing dreams that were a result of the often violent and disturbing things I was exposed to as a child. I feel like sometimes I “feel” emotions even stronger in my sleep state than I do in my awake state which often leaves me reeling and can take hours to get over. As I’ve gotten older and studied more about dreams as well as becoming stronger in my spiritual journey I came to understand that I could control my actions and how I responded to the “terror” in my dreams. I’ve been able to hone and develop my consciousness while dreaming so much so that I can deal with day to day issues in my dreams in a metaphorical way. I even find that my dreams sometimes coincide with certain events that are significant. I’ve even had a misunderstanding with someone during the day and then been able to bring that person into my dreams and talk it out and the next day the issue seemed to be resolved without a word said. I personally found one of the main things I generally can’t control is physical contact within a dream. If someone is doing something to harm someone else and I try to respond to protect them I can’t touch the other person no matter how hard I try. It can only be described as a force field that can often leave the person laughing at me and then turning their attack toward me, which I guess still gets the result of protecting the other person but not in the way I wanted. I still have trouble sleeping mostly when I’m over stressed but I feel it’s because when I don’t feel in control in my awake state I lose control of my dream state. If you have anymore insight on this I’d love to discuss it further. PS: I prefer flying over walking ANY night 😉

  2. I think the touching people in your dreams might signify something about not getting too close to people in real life. Either you don’t allow yourself to get to close to people, or you feel like no one allows YOU to get to close to them. The fact that they’re laughing at you leads me to believe that you have a fear or being belittled or ridiculed for opening up to someone.

  3. It was nice untill you entered woo territory at the end: “It’s all connected. Somehow. It *has* to be, right?”
    Has to be? Since when? You offer no evidence, no explination, “But I must be right”?

    No, that’s not how it works. Like the picture said: you only dream about faces you have seen before. So, all those supposed near-death experiences where they meet dead family, and a Jesus with the holes in the hands, you know it’s just their memory: 1, they never mention meeting family they DIDN’T meet in life, or see in a photo, and 2) that’s not how you crucify someone: nails go through the wrists. The through-the-hands bit shows they just gullible people that swallowed the modern charcter (as in, cartoon character) where it was done through the hands, since literally nothing in Christianity is accurate to real life.

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