Elite Girl Gamers

Anyone who personally knows me KNOWS how much of a gaming fanatic I am. I have over 300 hours logged in just on Modern Warfare 3 alone, with two separate gamertags. My interests in games varies greatly: from FPS to RPG, fighters to puzzles, and anything in-between. We have about 250 titles just for Playstation 3 ALONE, not to mention older consoles. It still shocks some people to find out that behind my gamertag lies an actual girl. Welp, excuse me–woman (I use the term loosely).

I like to think I am pretty good. My record would show that, of course, I actually AM good.

Still, some men just cannot handle the fact that they are..,well…simply not as good as I am.

I find it amusing that, upon entering a lobby, if you have a gamertag that has anything to do with femininity whatsoever, people call you out on it.

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