How To Improve Your CoD Game

So, since I started my Facebook page, Elite Girl Gamers, I’ve been getting messages from people asking advice, tips, and strategies to improve on their Call of Duty skills. People asking which class I use, which perks and killstreaks I use, etc. So I decided to compile all my advice into one post, making it a little easier and more accessible to my followers.

The first and most valuable piece of advice I have ever been given is– SLOW THE F*CK DOWN!

1) As soon as that count down begins at the beginning of a match, don’t get too excited. Keep your cool and go slow. You want to see people BEFORE they see you, and have time to react. Try playing an entire match without sprinting ONCE. Do it.

Wait for them to come to you

2) AIM AROUND CORNERS. One thing I have found in playing with higher-ranked players is that they ALL aim around corners. Every time. It gives you the upper hand, while just running aimlessly around the corner makes you an easy target for those waiting on the other side. I can’t tell you how many more kills I got when I started aiming around corners. Your K/D will thank you for it.

3) Tap the trigger…don’t squeeze it. Holding R1 down completely  is just asking for your shots to be wild all over the place.

4) Watch the mini-map intensely. Think of it as your rear-view mirror, COD-style. Take note of the position of your teammates at all times. Try to stay in an area where you are surrounded by your own teammates. If you hear gunshots, take a glance at the mini-map. If one of your teammates disappears, that’s where an enemy is.

Use It! A lot! Always be looking!

5) Play the walls. Try to position yourself towards the outside of whatever map you are on. This way, you have one less side to cover. If you are in the middle of a map, make sure there is something (boxes, vehicles) between you and your enemy. Make yourself a harder target.

6) Have many different, varying classes for different style of play. If you enter a lobby where people are running and gunning, you need to sit back at a distance and pick them off. If you are in a match with an opposing team that is sitting back, not moving, you need to go search them out. Slowly, aiming around corners–giving yourself the upper hand.

This brings me to “which classes are best?”

Now, I can’t tell you which classes are ‘best’, but I can tell you which classes I USE, and why.

Someone call the DOCTOR!

1st class on my selection is my ‘pwning’ class. It’s the class I probably use most often, because I find it to be most effective. It is as follows;

Class 1-   G36C with Kick and Red Dot. Just a regular red dot. No ‘omega’, no ‘delta’. Hit the ‘none’ option when selecting your red dot. This gives you a smaller target, making your shots more accurate. This is my only class that uses a red dot sight. The rest are all iron sights.With  this class, I use Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Marksman. Well, I use Marksman on EVERY class. Because, I believe, it is the most valuable perk in slot three, for sure. Being able to see someone before they see you is most important in this game, and Marksman gives you that upper hand.

Class 2- AK-47, silenced with impact. The AK is accurate enough as it is. No red dot needed. Perks on this class are; Blind Eye, Assassin, and Marksman again. ALWAYS use Marksman.

Class 3- MP7 with kick and either impact, or melee. I haven’t had too much extra luck adding the ‘melee’ feature, but find myself switching back and forth between impact and melee. Personally, I think I like impact better on this class. It gives you a slight upper hand when running and gunning. The less bullets it takes you to kill them, the better. Perks, again are Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Marksman. This is also the only class I use ‘Support” killstreaks on. For Support, I recommend advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, and EMP.

Class 4- My Specialist class. ACR silenced with impact. See where I’m going, here? You want to be as quiet as possible. Try to not be seen, but still have your presence be known in the game. Silencers and ‘impact’ proficiency does this for you. Perks are…Blind Eye, Hardline, and Marksman. (Yes, I use Hardline and Marksman on almost every class. They are the the most valuable perks.) Killstreaks are, Assassin first, Sleight of Hand second, and Scavenger last. By then, you’ll need more ammo.

Class 5- When jumping into a lobby with people who are using explosives…A LOT…you need to have something up your sleeve. Class 5 is my tubing class. ACR with attachments, silencer and grenade launcher. I ONLY use this class if I have to. I go back and forth between Semtex and Frag. I like that a Frag will roll into place, but sometimes prefer to stick it somewhere 🙂

For assault killstreaks, I usually use Predator, Attack Helicopter, and Reaper.

For support, I usually use Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, and EMP…just to piss off the other team. Chances are, if I’m using my Support class, they’re pissing me off, so I give it right back.

My perks are always the same. I like Sleight of Hand/Blind Eye, Hardline, and Marksman. They work well for me. Find out which ones work best for you.

After playing this game for YEARS, going from GOD AWFUL to pretty-freakin’-good, following this advice will definitely help your K/D and get your some more kills. Use whatever classes you want as long as you follow these steps, you should be in a much better position to merc the enemy.


8 thoughts on “How To Improve Your CoD Game

  1. I have weapon sets with perks that work great for me. What I’m having issues with is spawning. It seems the longer I camp OR the more kills I get, the opponents ALWAYS spawn around my position and I become overrun. Even if my position is flourishing with teammates and the rest of the map is vacant. OR After I spawn, I’ll spawn in a bottle necked area where I’m completely pinned down and I am faced with impending doom or I have to march into the middle of no mans land. …. My question is, why me? Is there a handicap effect on people as good as me? LoL I’ll gladly invite ANYone to use my console I have here(especially so-called-elite-
    gamers) to try and win more than two matches consecutively. I’m just sayin’

  2. I’ve found the same to be true. It’s the spawning in the game. If your team mates are not around you on the map, it will spawn the opposing team wherever there are less of the other team (if that makes sense). For example, if you’re playing on Oasis and you’re over by ‘C’, but the rest of your team is between ‘A’ and ‘B’, it will spawn the other team closer to ‘C’–where you are. It really depends on a lot of different things, but I’ve noticed that there really aren’t too many spawn points in the game. Getting to know the spawn points of a map is getting into the ‘advanced-level’ tips, for more advanced players. Since I play with you on the regular, I know you’re good. You don’t have much to worry about. Just try going sow right when you spawn. Try to get to an area where you are surrounded by your own team, so you can use them as a radar.

  3. Well I didnt see a sniper class but I love some of the classes and I will use them wisely. I am a 20th prestiege and ranked about 7500 in the US in TDM and always looking for ways to up my game. I love COD:MW3 and play it for hours a day lol. This is a sniper class I use MSR with kick and extended mag (I figure the less times I have to reload the better) the perks are blind eye, assassin, and marksman and I use an assault kill streak of Assault copter, strafe run, and pave low and for the reason of if i get to the copter I only have 2 kills till the strafe run and 3 till the pave low and useally my copter and strafe run will get me those kills.

  4. I don’t snipe too often, but when I do, I use the Barrett .50 cal. I like it a lot. I’ve used it since MW2, and have always had really good results with it. The MSR is good, too, but sniping just isn’t really my style. I definitely give props to people who snipe well. I just don’t have the patience for it 🙂

  5. Has anyone came across a full team that only uses UAV and Balistic Vests? I saw it on the MW3 Elite video. I’ve done that with some of my friends and its very hard to stop. I only play Hardcore, but if you got a squad of good comunicators and all use the vests it’s very hard to stop and it pisses off the other team something fierce. My Preferred setup is using the Dragnov with silencer and the zooming scope and the silent MP9. For my classes i use, Blind eye, Assassin and Marksman. With the Trophy System and C4. I play a lot of Domination and use the C4 to hold down A,B or C while running somewhere else. I don’t like to snipe, I just like the option. The MP9 even with the silencer on is still very accurate and is my preferred weapon of choice. My favorite places to camp are actually in areas where most people die. I’ve killed lots of people with the knife by just laying with a bunch of the dead bodies. No one looks for it I guess.

  6. Never really took COD serious, and I don’t claim to be the best but I am decent…..I do my best in my own way. I go and find the competition, I do not like camping at all….I feel if you goin go to war might as well go for it all….I used the map constantly checking the movements to get the jump on my enemies.

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