We Are The 1%

Sometimes it seems to me that the gaming industry is stuck in the 1950’s.

Chicks play games, too. Now more than EVER. I don’t want gaming companies to feel like they have to cater to my tastes, because they don’t. My ‘tastes’ are what’s good and current. I like all the same things as males do. I don’t want them to start adding pink, frilly, girly aspects to their games, rather, I’d like them to simply acknowledge that women DO play games, and DO kick ass. Come on, gaming industry! Get with the damn times!

The members of my community would love to see more female characters in games. We want more powerful, role model-esque females to relate to and show our children. We want equality in the gaming world.

We want commercials that show REAL WOMEN, playing real games. We don’t want to see women standing in the background, yelling at their significant others for playing games. We want to be shown how we really are–sitting right along side of our men, cheering them on, grabbing second player and getting in on the action.

More and more women are entering the vast world of gaming, and we’d like to be heard…at least acknowledged. Women are taking over the gaming industry and communities, and within these areas, our voices are heard, and we are accepted. Why not in the actual gaming world? Why are there still all these stereotypes and stigmas associated with us? I’ve been gaming since the early 90’s, and it seems not much but the graphics have advanced. We’re still stuck in this “un-equal” world, where chicks get bashed for being chicks on multiplayer. Trash talk me for kicking your ass, just like you do to everyone else. Why does the fact that I’m a chick even matter? I can’t tell you how many lobbies I’ve been in where people say, “You’re a chick?! Wow, you’re actually pretty good!” As if just because I am a woman, I’m automatically expected to suck? How does that make sense? Why is it so surprising that a chick could love games and pwn noobs just like any other? I would love to see a day where the majority of the gaming community are tolerant and accepting of everyone, instead of just saying they are. Having my own gaming community has shown me that–yes– there are some tolerant, like-minded individuals out there, but there are also a HELL of a lot of the opposite–Gamers who are stuck in an old way of thinking.

Old people aren’t open to receiving new ways of thinking and doing things, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many young people with such an old way of thinking.


I think it has a little to do with the fact that women these days (and men, too) are a little overwhelmed. Yes, we have families, work, school, other obligations that get in the way, and I suppose women are seen to be the supreme rulers of their homes and managers of their family’s day-to-day lives. I can see where some people would doubt a woman’s dedication to gaming with all those other ‘life demands’ in the way.  But what about the people like me who do love games and integrate them into our daily lives? What about the ladies who love writing about games, researching them,  empowering other women to do the same? I suppose ‘we are the 1%’.      🙂


To all the people who say, “Oh, we’re all gamers, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy or WHAT!” Yeah, you’re right. We’re all on the same battlefield. But it does matter to me. I’m proud to be a chick, and happy to be a gamer. Why can’t I be both? What’s the problem with that? We should, as a community, just be excited that women are now entering a male-dominated world, and feeling empowered enough to try and bring new life and new perspectives to it.


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