The True Spirit of Video Games

This story was submitted to me by a community member named Brandon. I couldn’t even bring myself to proofread it, and thought I would publish to my blog as-is. I did not want to take away from his story in any way, so I left it just the way it was sent to me. Truly the most amazing story of how video games can affect people’s lives for the better.

Anyone who calls themselves a gamer should be required to read this story.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

“This is the reason why I end every statement with the words: Brandon and babie3 slimmy (aka: PlayStation 3 Slim) and co

Why do I call the PlayStation 3 Slim the babie3 slimmy (aka: PlayStation 3 Slim) and co
Difficult question to answer, so I’ll try my best! I don’t know if I’ll ever meet the right person, settle down, have children, grow old and die a happy person! I know that may never happen with what I have – my disability has certain barriers that I may never over come and if I do it won’t happen in this lifetime, due to peoples perceptions on what a disability is and how they think it affects the person that has had a life changing experience of being disabled. Whilst some think they know – they actual don’t KNOW and may never know until it affects them!

If given the chance and if you see how PlayStation affects myself, the history of the PlayStation I have experienced! What it has taught me about myself! The experience I have been apart of that I have seen how positive the brand of the PlayStation has brought into my life and the uplift that was witnessed because of the PlayStation! Why do I end the messages with what you see? It’s a true story but a long story of what happened when I was studying at College!

Whilst I was studying at college. I knew a friend of mine who was sobbing! I asked a member of staff at the cafeteria to bring over 2 cups of coffee. I sat beside him and asked him if I could be of any assistance? He went on to explain to me, his daughter whose name was Aimee, was terminally ill with Cancer and had a disability, she had appeared to close herself off from the world, not communicating with them because she knew she couldn’t do anything about changing her circumstances which was beyond her control and her parents couldn’t do anything to change that situation. Because of his state of mind I had accompanied him back to the house and notice a Harry Potter door of their daughter’s room at the top of the landing – what I saw I’ll never forget – when I opened the door, the whole room was of Harry Potter – I saw the little girl in the corner looking out the window. All of a sudden I had a flashback and quickly looked around the room and ran back downstairs to ask her father if he could take me back into town as quickly as possible before the stores had closed for the day!

When we got to GAME I had asked the store assistant for a babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2)? Her father had asked you already have a PlayStation 2 why would you want another one? Moments later the store assistant had asked, “Any Games with that?”

I said, “Please could you locate ALL the games that EA (Electronic Arts) had made and released related to “HARRY POTTER!” I had asked the store assistant to place each game individually and in a transparent bag as I had a plan that May or may not work, but I had to give it a try! Her father immediately smiled because he then knew why I had dragged him into town.

Upon arriving back to their house I had asked her mom if I could knock on their daughters room to set yup everything that was brought from the store – and once given permission by both parents I went about setting up the babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2)!

I had taken off my shoes knocked on the door and introduced myself and ask if I could borrow her TV. I went about setting up the console and placed the babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2) joy pad on my right side – at the corner of my eye I could see her mother and father watching as the door was slightly ajar, to what I was doing! I was sitting at the rear-end of her bed as my back wasn’t touching her Harry Potter bed, took out the transparent video games and held one of them up into the air and said “Should I play this, babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2)?, Nah wrong one!”. All of a sudden I felt the bed move, I wasn’t the one that was moving the bed! Got the first one out and said ” There you are, will play this yes babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2)!” The bed moved again! Placed the CD inside the console and started to look around for the joy pad, I couldn’t find it wasn’t where I left it! A scream was herd and again it wasn’t me! I looked at the console and thought where the joy pad is? Followed the cable from the console right to the handheld part of the joy pad itself! It was the young girl playing the console, playing Harry Potter! My job was done!

I cleared up the mess I had made and crawled out the room – where her father was shocked. His Wife was literally downside sobbing and I might add in shock by what they both witnessed!

I tapped her father on the shoulder and went downstairs. As I walked downstairs I could hear the young girl commenting on the spells that was used in the Movie! When her father came downstairs he had asked me why I had done what I did: I walked over to the door and pointed up to the direction of where we could hear screams of happiness and joy coming from they daughter’s bedroom and said:

“Do you hear that? That is the ‘True Spirit of Video Games!’, because that’s where dreams can come true!”

A few seconds later we heard a faint tapping at the door, I had opened the door and her mother had ran off again – I peered to see what see [her mother] had saw and it was the disabled girl with her arms stretch out as if to ask to be picked up? The daughters Father had picked his daughter up and you could tell by his body language he was SHAKING visibly shaking! His wife had come back into the kitchen and their daughter had jested to her father to be passed on to her mother, and her mother was shaking alot more!

What happened next I’ll never forget – she had jested to both her mother and father as if to say something to me! I had moved a chair so she could rest on it and went down on my one knee and said to her:
“If you were 30 years older, I would escort you home and ask for your parents hand in marriage!” She had smiled what I said, as if she knew where I was coming from! I said to her, “You are the most bravest lady I have ever met and will never ever be forgotten, not in my lifetime! Go back upstairs fellow gamer and let me know how the game ends!” We hugged and as we hugged it was as if I could feel her energy ebbing away. The one thing I’ll always remember was the hug which I’ll never forget! As that was the last time I saw her!

The following day I met her father at the gates of the college and he brought me a coffee and had said that for the first time in a long time they had their daughter back and it was a joy to know that a video game can do that! He thanked me and I said “No, no, no, not me was the babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2) and co that deserves all the credit! I had asked him when your daughter passes away in her sleep can you let me know so I can pay me respects? We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways !

A few weeks later I got a text message saying she’d past way in her sleep – I went to the church service and walked to her coffin, draped in Harry Potter linen. There daughter was now at peace and I noticed alongside her was the game that she played and beside that there was a plaque which stated “All we have is our dreams for the True Spirit of Video Games!” I looked directly at the parents and was puzzled by what they had done!
At the wake I walked over to her father we hugged and I had to ask: At the church service I saw what I’ll never forget, why did you fo what you did? He pointed in a direction that I looked at and his wife had opened a door and pointed up towards the roof, I heard this coming from the daughters’ parent:

“Do you hear that? That is the True Spirit of Video Games!”

I looked back towards the daughters’ father and thanked him for what he had done we hugged and as we hugged I said to “I’ll never forget her – NEVER!” Her mother had approached us and I had thanked her also and hugged and said the same thing as I said to her husband! And left them to enjoy the rest of their memories that had of their daughter.

When I got back to my flat I looked at my babie2 (aka: PlayStation 2) I thought to myself that was an experience we (I and the PlayStation brand) will never forget and as a continuing tribute to all those that have a disability or face hardship as that young lady had faced – to honor them, to honor her, and many individuals who goes beyond the call of duty to aid others before themselves I will forever , and for the rest of my life always end with what you and others read – that is Brandon and babie3 slimmy (aka: PlayStation 3 Slim) and co

Now all that reads my posts knows why I sign off by saying what I say with this term Brandon and babie3 slmmy (aka: PlayStation 3 Slim) and co”


Elite Girl Gamer Sprkly Reviews Guild Wars 2

After hearing fantastic things about the wildly customizable character creation and beautiful game world, I recently started playing Guild Wars 2. Here’s my take on the game, for those of you who are considering it as well.

One of the great bonuses of Guild Wars 2 is that there are no subscription fees, unlike most of the mainstream MMO’s we’re used to. You buy the game, then you play it for free for as long as you want. That being said, the up front investment of purchasing the game isn’t too bad either. Prices I found ranged from $46 to $60 USD, depending on if you purchased directly from NCSoft or if you purchased someone’s personal copy for sale on Amazon or eBay, which I would caution you against, as those can be unreliable and can sometimes get you in trouble with the game companies.

When you open Guild Wars 2 for the first time and come to character creation, I have to say I think that’s the best part of the game. There are five races to choose from in the world of Tyria. The Asura are completely adorable little dwarf-like Yoda-looking dudes who are incredibly intelligent and great with magic and crafting. The Sylvari are billed as the “mysterious, noble plant beings” and have a really cool backstory. Having never been born, but simply awakening beneath the Pale Tree and pursuing a life of adventure and discovery, the Sylvari are mysterious and strikingly beautiful. If you’re more interested in a savage, warrior-type race, the Charr are big, tough, cat-like beasts that kick much butt. Then there are the Norn, who look basically human, but come from an icy wasteland and are supposedly “giant,” though I haven’t seen much proportional difference between them and the other races (save for the miniature Asura). And of course, if you prefer to go with a traditional Human character, that’s available too.

Character creation

The next big step is to choose your profession. I won’t go into much detail about these, but you have your magical classes, your warrior classes, and your stealth classes. All of them can heal and support, and are pretty versatile, so what you’re really choosing is your basic combat role with the profession. I find them to be pretty well balanced.

Character creation allows you several choices for your physique, head, hair, and various other physical attributes in extremely high detail. Want a Michael Jackson nose? No problem! Just adjust the nose tip slider until it’s ultra skinny. It can be as detailed as you like. You can also change the colors of your armor set, which is super fun as you get further along in the game because you can acquire new dyes.

So now that your female Sylvari necromancer with the gigantic chest is created, you are delivered into the world of Tyria with some fascinating cut scenes. The cut scenes are pretty interesting and give you some great information about your history and what’s going on in the world now. They’re fun to watch at first, but I found them to be pretty long and now I tend to just skip over them.

Upon arriving in my starter area the first time, I really felt like the world was absolutely beautiful. I was honestly not as impressed with the graphics as I had hoped to be. Perhaps it’s the fact that so many of their character classes are a bit cartoonish that made it feel less realistic, graphically speaking. But with games like Skyrim out right now with the intensely realistic graphics, GW2 wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But it was beautiful, nonetheless.

The gameplay is pretty linear, from what I’ve played so far. You go from one quest to the next, but they do require some brains to figure out at times. It’s not mindless questing like in World of Warcraft, but a bit more puzzle-solving in many cases, which I found very enjoyable. Leveling feels very slow to me, and there isn’t much hand-holding to show you where to go and what to do, so you have to figure out your leveling technique yourself, for the most part.

One thing I haven’t experienced yet is the booming industry of crafting in GW2. Again, there’s not a whole lot of hand-holding going on, so without reading a guide on it, I honestly wouldn’t have any idea where to start with crafting. However, I’m told by some of my guild-mates that one can make a nice chunk of credits by crafting and selling items. It’s a nice draw to those who enjoy the trading and economy aspects of MMO’s.

So far, it doesn’t seem as social as some of the other MMO’s I’ve played. I do belong to a guild, but I haven’t even had a conversation with any players outside of my own guild. I suppose quietness is preferable to whiny kids, though, so I can’t complain much.

For those of you considering playing or not, the things I love about GW2 are the detailed character creation, the versatility of the professions, the quests that make you really use your brain, the beautiful game world and rich backstory. The only things I don’t love are the graphics, which I found a bit more cartoonish than I expected, and the feeling of “sink or swim” in some cases. It’s a game that definitely has a learning curve, and I clearly need to learn a little more of it. All in all, you’ll love how pretty it is and enjoy the questing, if you’re willing to put in the time to learn it.

Why Does CoD Have So Many Haters?

Why Does CoD Have So Many Haters?

I’ve been playing video games my entire life. It started with NES, graduated to Game Boy, advanced to Sega Genesis, and evolved into PlayStation. I took a brief hiatus in my late teen years to drink and smoke, do drugs and have sex, but then quickly returned to an old refuge of gaming in my early 20’s with Call of Duty.  Even though I have progressed as a gamer to playing all kinds of games, Call of Duty holds a special place in my heart for tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me of something I had long since forgotten.

You can’t tell me the classics like Mario and Zelda weren’t the same thing over and over and over…

That being said, after starting a Facebook community where I could find more females to game with, it has been brought to my attention that—I almost can’t even bring myself to write it—there are people out there that hate Call of Duty. Hate it. Can’t STAND it. So I sit here, perplexed, trying to figure out why people could hate on a game like this. How someone could loathe a game that has sold so many copies worldwide, and has the mass-appeal of a game like Duty. I decided to delve into it a little further, and see what I could discover.

The term ‘fanboy.’ It fits here perfectly. You have people on the Xbox side that say, “HALO is the best shooter. Ever. Hands Down.” You have people on the PlayStation side that say, “Call of Duty is the best,” and then you have people that throw hate on both sides, regardless of console and title, and hate both games. Why? Why would someone hate a game SO MUCH, that they feel the need to talk about it? They feel the hate boiling to a point that they can no longer hold it in, and it gets thrown all over my computer screen. It’s got to be only time in my life I have seen so many men open up and freely express their feelings. J

 Every gamer has their preference. Every gamer feels that their console or PC is superior. Every gamer thinks they are right in their opinions and beliefs of a game, regardless of the mass appeal or genre. I’ve been told that “a true gamer has no preference, and plays everything,” but that’s a crock of crap. Everyone has a favorite. A true gamer has played countless hours and countless games, on countless consoles, and to ask someone to not have a favorite is almost impossible, but I digress.

I’ve been told that Call of Duty is an abomination. It’s a slap in the face to a “real” game, if you will. I’ve been told ‘this game takes no talent,’ ‘is garbage,’ ‘is filled with nine-year-old kids,’ and is flawed beyond belief. That its’ developers are lazy, money-hungry people who want nothing more than to take your money and offer DLC later to get even MORE money. I will say, in the haters’ defense, that—yes—it IS pretty much the same thing, year after year, game after game. That’s what the followers WANT. It’s been proven by the sales generated by this series. If the Duty-lovers honestly wanted something different, they wouldn’t keep buying year after year. Simple as that. The bottom line is the game adds new features, killstreaks, perks, and challenges every release. It was once explained to me in a way similar to this: Call of Duty is the fast-food of the gaming industry. While everyone wants to hate on how bad it is, they are still standing in line waiting to get it and stuff their mouths with its’ deliciousness. You know exactly what you’re getting every time you order. It’s convenient and widespread and available. But so are a lot of other games.

It makes me feel like these are excuses for not playing the game, not reasons. I don’t know what your views are but I know where I stand.  People try to compare and contrast CoD to other games like Battlefield, but honestly, those are two different kinds of games. You can’t compare a corridor shooter like CoD to a long-range, in-depth game like Battlefield. You just can’t. It’s like comparing apples to…well…more complicated, genetically engineered, hybrid apples. Same TYPE of game, but completely different, and anyone who has played both knows this.

I don’t hate any game. I can’t say I’ve ever played a game that I hated. I’ve played games that weren’t interesting, games I didn’t like, and games that flat-out sucked, but I’ve never played a game that I hate. After scouring the interwebs, I’ve decided that there is no right answer. The Call of Duty series is popular, and that is why I believe it has so many haters. With the record-breaking sales it encountered, you’re gonna have some haters in there somewhere. As for the game ‘taking no talent’ to play, that’s all a matter of opinion. I have a feeling that most of the people saying it ‘takes no talent,’ most likely have no patience within the game, or get beaten into submission when trying to play. I don’t know. Someone tell me why there’s all this hate flying around! Nothing can spark a fire inside someone so hot and burning, that hate bubbles out of their mouth for no reason. In my opinion, any game that can get millions of people all around the world to pick up a controller and play—is a good game. Any game that engages and captivates its’ audience to the point in which you aren’t thinking about your problems, only a strategy to the game, is a good game in my book.  But…R.Kelly said it best when he said, “Haters gon’ hate,” I suppose.

Why Skyrim Just May Be The Best Game Of All-Time

Why Skyrim Just May Be The Best Game of All Time


My husband bought Skyrim the day it came out. I saw him playing it, and had no idea what was so enchanting (pun intended) about the game. Oh, wow. You can take women’s clothes off and ravage people’s homes? Wow…innovative– I thought sarcastically…at first. And then I picked it up and started playing it. Needless to say, the amount of sandwiches my husband has since received since I started playing this game has dropped dramatically.

I realize now why it’s so captivating and why people can’t seem to put it down. It’s an infinite world–pretty much– where you can do anything you want. Wanna wander aimlessly collecting awkward things, and looking at scenery? Go ahead. Nothing’s stopping you. Wanna do the missions completely out of the order they’re supposed to be completed in? Fine.  Wanna ride a horse up a mountain and ravage helpless people in their homes and steal everything they own? Done.

I really, wholeheartedly believe that Skyrim just may be the best game of all time. In a world where FPS games are ruling, and name-calling and immaturity run wild, Bethesda has given us yet another amazing breath of fresh air. It allows you to completely immerse yourself into the Province of Skyrim, forget about your problems, and live as your character in an open world that allows you to go anywhere and do anything.

Skyrim has what I call “the just one more” factor, and that is yet another reason why it is so compelling and addictive. Just one more mission, you tell yourself. Biggest lie EVER. When I get back to Whiterun and it saves, I’m going to go to bed. As soon as I drop some items in my chest, I’m done. Five hours later, you’re fighting a dragon at the top of a mountain, or wandering through a field collecting mountain flowers to make weird potions you’ll never use.  One does not simply play Skyrim for an hour. Or two.  It’s the Pringles of the gaming industry. Once you pop, you sure as hell can’t stop.

I wonder how long it would take…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started playing telling myself I’m “only gonna play for a little bit,” then four hours later, I have no idea how much time has passed, or what my actual goals for the day were.  And that, my friends, is a sure sign of an amazing game. If a game can make you forget your problems and the outside world, if only for a moment, then it is good. If a game can make you forget about your problems and the outside world for hours on end, with no desire whatsoever to stop playing, then it is excellent. Pure excellence.

Gotta love the dragon souls!

The most important thing about Skyrim is that it appeals to everyone. Anyone from a young kid to my Grandma could play this game—and enjoy the hell out of it.  The fact that you can make the story what you want it to be, have choices, go anywhere you like and do whatever you want, makes it a good, progressive, innovative game. The fact that you are immediately immersed in this fictional world, and have a desire to see the story as you have shaped it unfold—makes it a great game, and the fact that ANYONE can just pick it up and have the same kind of experience, makes it the best and most appealing game on the market to date…in my opinion. I have never been a fan of RPGs before. I always thought they were boring and uninteresting. Until Skyrim. Bethesda is an RPG powerhouse, and I’m excited to see what the future of their company will offer us.

We Are The 1%

Sometimes it seems to me that the gaming industry is stuck in the 1950’s.

Chicks play games, too. Now more than EVER. I don’t want gaming companies to feel like they have to cater to my tastes, because they don’t. My ‘tastes’ are what’s good and current. I like all the same things as males do. I don’t want them to start adding pink, frilly, girly aspects to their games, rather, I’d like them to simply acknowledge that women DO play games, and DO kick ass. Come on, gaming industry! Get with the damn times!

The members of my community would love to see more female characters in games. We want more powerful, role model-esque females to relate to and show our children. We want equality in the gaming world.

We want commercials that show REAL WOMEN, playing real games. We don’t want to see women standing in the background, yelling at their significant others for playing games. We want to be shown how we really are–sitting right along side of our men, cheering them on, grabbing second player and getting in on the action.

More and more women are entering the vast world of gaming, and we’d like to be heard…at least acknowledged. Women are taking over the gaming industry and communities, and within these areas, our voices are heard, and we are accepted. Why not in the actual gaming world? Why are there still all these stereotypes and stigmas associated with us? I’ve been gaming since the early 90’s, and it seems not much but the graphics have advanced. We’re still stuck in this “un-equal” world, where chicks get bashed for being chicks on multiplayer. Trash talk me for kicking your ass, just like you do to everyone else. Why does the fact that I’m a chick even matter? I can’t tell you how many lobbies I’ve been in where people say, “You’re a chick?! Wow, you’re actually pretty good!” As if just because I am a woman, I’m automatically expected to suck? How does that make sense? Why is it so surprising that a chick could love games and pwn noobs just like any other? I would love to see a day where the majority of the gaming community are tolerant and accepting of everyone, instead of just saying they are. Having my own gaming community has shown me that–yes– there are some tolerant, like-minded individuals out there, but there are also a HELL of a lot of the opposite–Gamers who are stuck in an old way of thinking.

Old people aren’t open to receiving new ways of thinking and doing things, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many young people with such an old way of thinking.


I think it has a little to do with the fact that women these days (and men, too) are a little overwhelmed. Yes, we have families, work, school, other obligations that get in the way, and I suppose women are seen to be the supreme rulers of their homes and managers of their family’s day-to-day lives. I can see where some people would doubt a woman’s dedication to gaming with all those other ‘life demands’ in the way.  But what about the people like me who do love games and integrate them into our daily lives? What about the ladies who love writing about games, researching them,  empowering other women to do the same? I suppose ‘we are the 1%’.      🙂


To all the people who say, “Oh, we’re all gamers, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy or WHAT!” Yeah, you’re right. We’re all on the same battlefield. But it does matter to me. I’m proud to be a chick, and happy to be a gamer. Why can’t I be both? What’s the problem with that? We should, as a community, just be excited that women are now entering a male-dominated world, and feeling empowered enough to try and bring new life and new perspectives to it.

How To Improve Your CoD Game

So, since I started my Facebook page, Elite Girl Gamers, I’ve been getting messages from people asking advice, tips, and strategies to improve on their Call of Duty skills. People asking which class I use, which perks and killstreaks I use, etc. So I decided to compile all my advice into one post, making it a little easier and more accessible to my followers.

The first and most valuable piece of advice I have ever been given is– SLOW THE F*CK DOWN!

1) As soon as that count down begins at the beginning of a match, don’t get too excited. Keep your cool and go slow. You want to see people BEFORE they see you, and have time to react. Try playing an entire match without sprinting ONCE. Do it.

Wait for them to come to you

2) AIM AROUND CORNERS. One thing I have found in playing with higher-ranked players is that they ALL aim around corners. Every time. It gives you the upper hand, while just running aimlessly around the corner makes you an easy target for those waiting on the other side. I can’t tell you how many more kills I got when I started aiming around corners. Your K/D will thank you for it.

3) Tap the trigger…don’t squeeze it. Holding R1 down completely  is just asking for your shots to be wild all over the place.

4) Watch the mini-map intensely. Think of it as your rear-view mirror, COD-style. Take note of the position of your teammates at all times. Try to stay in an area where you are surrounded by your own teammates. If you hear gunshots, take a glance at the mini-map. If one of your teammates disappears, that’s where an enemy is.

Use It! A lot! Always be looking!

5) Play the walls. Try to position yourself towards the outside of whatever map you are on. This way, you have one less side to cover. If you are in the middle of a map, make sure there is something (boxes, vehicles) between you and your enemy. Make yourself a harder target.

6) Have many different, varying classes for different style of play. If you enter a lobby where people are running and gunning, you need to sit back at a distance and pick them off. If you are in a match with an opposing team that is sitting back, not moving, you need to go search them out. Slowly, aiming around corners–giving yourself the upper hand.

This brings me to “which classes are best?”

Now, I can’t tell you which classes are ‘best’, but I can tell you which classes I USE, and why.

Someone call the DOCTOR!

1st class on my selection is my ‘pwning’ class. It’s the class I probably use most often, because I find it to be most effective. It is as follows;

Class 1-   G36C with Kick and Red Dot. Just a regular red dot. No ‘omega’, no ‘delta’. Hit the ‘none’ option when selecting your red dot. This gives you a smaller target, making your shots more accurate. This is my only class that uses a red dot sight. The rest are all iron sights.With  this class, I use Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Marksman. Well, I use Marksman on EVERY class. Because, I believe, it is the most valuable perk in slot three, for sure. Being able to see someone before they see you is most important in this game, and Marksman gives you that upper hand.

Class 2- AK-47, silenced with impact. The AK is accurate enough as it is. No red dot needed. Perks on this class are; Blind Eye, Assassin, and Marksman again. ALWAYS use Marksman.

Class 3- MP7 with kick and either impact, or melee. I haven’t had too much extra luck adding the ‘melee’ feature, but find myself switching back and forth between impact and melee. Personally, I think I like impact better on this class. It gives you a slight upper hand when running and gunning. The less bullets it takes you to kill them, the better. Perks, again are Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Marksman. This is also the only class I use ‘Support” killstreaks on. For Support, I recommend advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, and EMP.

Class 4- My Specialist class. ACR silenced with impact. See where I’m going, here? You want to be as quiet as possible. Try to not be seen, but still have your presence be known in the game. Silencers and ‘impact’ proficiency does this for you. Perks are…Blind Eye, Hardline, and Marksman. (Yes, I use Hardline and Marksman on almost every class. They are the the most valuable perks.) Killstreaks are, Assassin first, Sleight of Hand second, and Scavenger last. By then, you’ll need more ammo.

Class 5- When jumping into a lobby with people who are using explosives…A LOT…you need to have something up your sleeve. Class 5 is my tubing class. ACR with attachments, silencer and grenade launcher. I ONLY use this class if I have to. I go back and forth between Semtex and Frag. I like that a Frag will roll into place, but sometimes prefer to stick it somewhere 🙂

For assault killstreaks, I usually use Predator, Attack Helicopter, and Reaper.

For support, I usually use Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, and EMP…just to piss off the other team. Chances are, if I’m using my Support class, they’re pissing me off, so I give it right back.

My perks are always the same. I like Sleight of Hand/Blind Eye, Hardline, and Marksman. They work well for me. Find out which ones work best for you.

After playing this game for YEARS, going from GOD AWFUL to pretty-freakin’-good, following this advice will definitely help your K/D and get your some more kills. Use whatever classes you want as long as you follow these steps, you should be in a much better position to merc the enemy.